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I've been digging around through things, and noted we have some off the wall comms that are little used.

We have df_kink. It started out as a comm that followed Kink memes and the like. If you guys have a pairing you want to have fun with, have some sexually charged characters who need the logs, but don't want to take up the space in the comm, or basically play with crack and not have if affect in-game canon, here's where to do it. Basically, it's a muse box for DF characters. It's not to replace in game plots, but there are just those kinds of days where you have to pull Candy Wittman aside and beg for a spanking!

Character Theme Song Meme

The Character Theme Song Meme
1. Post a song you think relates well to your character.
2. Comment to others with songs that remind you of their character.
3. ???
4. Profit!


while we wait, it's time for...


  • Oh my incredibly beautiful rainbow-eyed gods, you're a character in a bad fanfic! The idea is to load down your usual RP with piles of cringeworthy description, awkward stereotyped dialogue, and improbable plot devices!

  • Post here with any prompt, then tag each other and perpetuate the cycle of terrible until eventually everyone's brains melt.

  • No IC allowed!

  • Good times ensue. Protip: That means don't be jerks.

You enable him. You really do


How do we play??

1.  Comment with your character's journal to this post - putting their names into the giant Santa hat.  (You have till Sunday)

2.  Sunday morning, this post will be editted to show picked their Secret Santa.

3.  Respond to the person who commented, giving them their Secret Santa gift!

4.  Reap the benefits of foraging friendships!


snagged from formulanekotic

And the reason why it's stolen is because that post is almost full...

The Mistletoe with a Twist Meme

There's mistletoe everywhere. Everywhere. You're character is underneath it now.
Once underneath it with someone else they are stuck in place until they do one of two things:
Kiss or Tell a secret about themselves.
It doesn't matter who tells their secret, initiates the kiss, etc.
Whenever it happens they're 'free'... Until the next incident.

Do not try and destroy the mistletoe. It won't work and bad things will happen.
(See: Burning, freezing, electrocuting, and biting. Yes. It bites. )

Threadjacking, 'leaving and coming back', etc, can have the process repeat even if they've already done it before.

Have fun and happy holidays~!

Definition of Kissing in the broad sense is when lips (or tongue if you're an animal... AND ONLY ANIMALS) meet bare skin. That means cheek, forehead, hand, and such being kissed are all good n' legal (not that your characters will know). Eskimo kisses (nose to nose) and blown kisses are not.

Devious Journal Entry

Art inspired by this thread:

Loaded Wallet
by ~kra on deviantART

why do i do these things... i don't know. XD;;


This doesn't really belong anywhere else, so, who has read it? I just bought it, and I did so because of this game, so now I'm curious if anyone else has actually sat down with a copy and read through it.